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This API is deprecated. Support continues until December 31th, 2017.

Please use the new API

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Getting started

  1. First, you need a developer ID. Signup for a developer ID in order to get access to the API.
  2. Read about the Encoding used by the API.
  3. Read the Terms of Use (below) of how you can use the API.

What does the API?

The API exposes a set of methods you can call to get a formatted response. The available methods allow you to e.g. retrieve the information about a specific webcam.


Request format

Response formats

The response of an API method call can be in different formats. Choose one that fits best the needs of your application:

Required parameters

Every API call has at least two required parameters and some optional parameters. All API calls require these parameters:
Parameter Description
method The name of the method to call. All available methods are listed on the right side
devid Your developer ID. Please signup for a developer ID if you do not already have one.
All methods accept this optional parameter:
Parameter Description
format This parameter is used to specify the response format. All available response formats are listed on the right side. The default is XML.
Besides the parameters described above, each method has an individual set of required and optional parameters that are listed on the method's specification page. All available methods are listed on the right side.

Error codes

The following table lists all error codes that all methods have in common.
Individual errors are listed on the method's specification page.
Code Description
1 internal error
2 Missing required parameter
3 No method specified
4 Unknown method specified
5 Missing devid parameter
6 Bad or unknown devid specified
7 Bad or unknown response format specified

Terms of Use

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