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Developers - API

API Community
Questions, Bug Reports, Feature Requests

Available API Methods

users webcams search map countries

Projects using the API

OFFICIAL iPhone / iPod touch Application

OFFICIAL Android Application

Webcams weltweit
iPhone / iPad Application

Windows Phone Application

Windows 8 Application

Windows 7 Mobile Application

Opera Widget

Webcams Pro
iPhone / iPod touch Application

Vista Point
iPad Application

Mobile Application
Map Application

Web Application
Web Application

Moxier World
iPhone / iPod touch and Google Android Application

Mashed World
Map Application Routenplaner
Map Application

Map Application
Web Application
Web Application

Map Application
Web Application

iPhone / iPad / iPod touch Application

iPhone / iPad / iPod touch Application

Flight Utilities
Web/Map Application

a forecast
Web/Map Application

With this API you can use our worldwide webcam repository for free.

Getting started

  1. First, you need a developer ID. Signup for a developer ID in order to get access to the API.
  2. Read the Terms of Use (below) of how you can use the API.
  3. Read the Introduction to get an idea how the API works.
  4. Read about the Encoding used by the API.

EasyMap JavaScript API

If you (only) want to use webcams on your map, you can easily do so with just two lines of code. Learn more about the EasyMap JavaScript API (Special terms apply).
World map illustration
EasyMap illustrative screenshot

Featured Website

If you want some inspiration of how you can implement the API on your website, we recommend looking at the implementation at the weather site
Preview screenshot

Terms of Use

Official Partners

Become an official partner of in order to receive customized data. We choose only 1 candidate for each segment. See the segments below:

By device type

By country


Request Formats

Currently only the REST request format is supported.

Response Formats

The response of an API method call can be in different formats. Choose one that fits best the needs of your application:

Error Codes

An API method call may return an error. This is a list of possible errors that may arise and that are common among all methods.

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